TecTrich® Hair Building Fibres

Thousands of people up and down the country have turned to a little known product that has given them renewed confidence. It's called 'TecTrich®' and it's the most advanced product of it's kind on the market today. It's British. And it's truly revolutionary.

Mark Before and After TecTrich®

Laura Before and After TecTrich®

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Both men and women agree that the new, fuller looking head of hair that TecTrich® creates has made them feel years younger. Especially as others around them are blissfully unaware that anything other than natural hair is on view.  

See How TecTrich® Works:


Apparently TecTrich® can disguise hair loss in just 30 seconds Can it really be true?

TecTrich® would seem to be a truly incredible concept. Hair Fibres made of keratin protein - just like human hair - which have been highly statically charged are applied onto the selected area and magnetically attracted to your thinnest hair. This makes every single hair look thicker thus contributing  to an altogether fuller, natural looking head of hair. An effect created in just 30 seconds but designed to last all day even in wind and rain! What more could you want?

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Why do TecTrich® Fibres attach better than the rest?Detail of TecTrich® Fibres> The scientists behind the development of TecTrich® were challenged to create a new formula that would ensure the static levels of these fibres be at the highest possible level to ensure maximum 'stick ability' and colourfastness and offset some of the criticisms leveled at previous products by disaffected users. 

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Close up up TecTrich®2nd Gen Premium Hair Building Fibres (Dark Brown)

Close up up TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres (Dark Brown)

Users can choose from 18 colours applying the colour closest to the colour of their roots or even mixing colours to blend in with their natural colour to create the desired effect. There have been similar products on the market before but TecTrich® would seem to have taken this product to a whole new level of perfection. 

Close up up TecTrich®2nd Gen Premium Hair Building Fibres (Medium Blonde)

Close up up TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres (Medium Blonde)

Purchasers can try TecTrich® at home for 30 days and if they are anything but delighted they are free to retrun the product within that time and we will issue a full no quibble refund the same day. 


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