How does TecTrich® work?

The basic principle behind Hair Fibres is the inherent static charge which acts as a magnet between fibre and hair. So, the ideal fibre will have a high static charge whilst being voluminous and light. Only one fibre meets those criteria: TecTrich®

Unlike first generation hair fibres which are made of cotton, plain keratin or nylon – TecTrich® Premium Hair Building fibres are 2nd Generation, which means that they do not contain ANY heavy materials. Their unique mix of organic and keratin protein results in a super light and fluffy fibre, this more voluminous fibre simply means Thicker, Fuller Hair.

In addition TecTrich® premium hair building fibres' unique formula of Keratin protein AND organic fibres also creates the highest possible static charge of any hair fibres, meaning THAT ONLY TecTrich® Premium Hair Building Fibres can truly guarantee that their fibres will lock on instantly and stay in place all day, everyday; never letting you down.

How was this achieved?

We insisted on giving our scientists a very clear but challenging brief: to ensure that the static levels in our fibres be at the highest possible level to ensure maximum ‘stickability’ – critical for the fullest, most natural looking hair.

This feat was achieved by, for the first time, combining organic AND keratin proteins in one fibre. The result? we hold verified documentation from our laboratories confirming that TecTrich® 2nd Gen premium hair building fibres' is the “most technologically advanced hair fibre formula to date”.

Of course, such an investment in science demanded the same thorough approach to product testing that’s why we employed the services of eminent independent UK Safety Assessor, Dr Bob Priston (Ph.D., MSB., CBiol, MSCS), a UK and Eurotox Registered Toxicologist. So you can rest assured that all TecTrich® products meet the very highest standards.