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The TecTrich® Applicator spray dramatically improves the results you see with TecTrich Premium Hair building Fibres. This precision instrument allows you to precisely spray the fibres onto thin areas as opposed to shaking. You will immediately see a more natural look as the fibres are more evenly dispersed. As a result of this greater precision you will find yourself using less TecTrich as well.

The TecTrich® Applicator works with TecTrich 25g bottles, you simply remove the bottle sifter by firmly twisting and lifting – you then screw on the Applicator. To apply you simply squeeze the ball, we recommend long, even bursts for large area coverage and smaller bursts for detailing, front hairline etc – just pat the hair after each spray.

How to use:

Take a bottle of TecTrich® Hair Building Fibres and remove the cap. Remove the sifter from the bottle by firmly turning and lifting it. Alternately, you may rock the sifter back and forth and pull it out. Screw the TecTrich® Applicator onto the bottle as you would a normal cap.

By squeezing the ball, you will cause a burst of TecTrich®, perfectly dispersed, into your hair. You will find that the Fibres distribute more evenly and that you have more control over where the Fibres are placed in your hair.

Tips: Press the ball completely each time, do not press again until it’s fully reflated, Always keep the bottle with minimal tilt and always upright.

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